Relative Clauses

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Relative clauses are like adjectives. They give us more information about nouns and pronouns.


  • She bought a pretty dress.
  • My English teacher gave me a new book.

Relative Clauses:

  • She bought a dress that has some rine stones on it.
  • The teacher who was teaching English here last year has moved to another city.

Whenever possible, we live out relative pronouns (who, that), especially in spoken English.

  • The movie (that) I like the best is the Exorcist.
  • The man (who) she loved has died.

Pay attention to the word oder in the relative clause when the verb has a preposition (send for, listen to, etc.):

  • This is not the book I sent you for.
  • I really like the song we listened to at the meeting.

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