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Basic Reading
English Learners are reading a short story with pictures during Basic English Reading class

Enjoy our collection of easy online texts and short stories for children and adult beginners of English. Each text is accompanied by a vocabulary list and a reading comprehension quiz with answers. Free to English learners and their teachers (for ESL and EFL classes).

Basic Vocabulary
Learning Basic English Vocabulary starts with such first English words as Hello

Our Basic English vocabulary lists include most common English words on such topics as food, clothes, daily routines and activities, body, etc. Children and adult English learners will find these words easy to learn as they are shown as pictionaries (picture dictionaries).  

Basic Vocabulary Exercises
Basic English Vocabulary Exercises with answers for beginners of English

Online English Vocabulary Exercises are a fun way for beginners of English to practice most frequently used English words and phrases. All quizzes with answers provide immediate feedback to English Learners and give teachers an easy way to assess their students’ progress.

Basic Grammar
Basic English Grammar for beginners of English with simple explanations and examples

Our Basic English grammar rules with examples are designed for beginners of English of all ages. Learn English articles, prepositions, verbs, tenses, and more. Each grammar lesson is linked to a Basic English grammar quiz with answers to check English Learners’ knowledge.

Basic Grammar Exercises
Basic English Grammar Exercises with examples free online

English Learners can practice Basic English grammar rules by completing our free online grammar quizzes with answers. Topics include English articles, prepositions, verbs, tenses, and many others that are important for beginners of English.  Great for ESL and EFL students.

Basic Spelling
Basic English Spelling with simple explanations and practice acitivites

Basic spelling rules for beginners of English include words with short and long vowels, and vowel and consonant combinations. English learners will practice reading and writing important easy spelling words. This section is a great free online resource for ESL and EFL teachers.

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