A Birthday Cake

Adapted from Georgie Adams

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It’s Little Bear’s birthday today and Mrs. Bear is baking a cake. She mixes eggs, flour, sugar and lots of butter in a bowl. Wizz-whirr-wizz.

Little Bear watches the beaters go round and round.

When the mixture is just right, Mrs. Bear pours it into a tin. Slup, slup, slup.

“You can scrape the bowl if you like,” she says.

Little Bear licks a sticky paw. “Ummm, yum!” he says.

Mrs. Bear puts the cake into the oven. Soon Little Bear can smell something sweet. Sniff-sniff-mmmm!

“Your cake is probably cooked,” says Mrs. Bear. She puts on her mitts and takes the cake out of the oven. “Careful!” says Mrs. Bear. “It’s hot.”

Mrs. Bear puts the cake on a dish to cool. While they’re waiting, Little Bear helps to make the icing. Mrs. Bear spoons some into a bag with a little hole at one end. Little Bear squeezes out a creamy white blob. Squeeze, squiggle, slop.

Now the cake is ready to ice. Mrs. Bear covers it all over, and writes HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE BEAR on the top.

In the evening, Little Bear’s friends come to the party. Little Bear blows all his candles out in one go. Huff, puff, pouf.

And they each eat a big slice of the deliciousbirthday cake.

Study the Words:

  • to bake - to cook in the oven
  • bowl - a round container
  • beaters - a tool for beating eggs, etc.
  • mixture - combination of something
  • to pour - to make something to flow
  • tin - a metal plate or container
  • to scrape - to rub
  • sticky - having things attach to something
  • oven - cooking equipment for baking
  • mitt - a kitchen mitten (put on hand)
  • dish - a plate
  • icing - cake decoration made of sugar
  • to spoon - to move with a spoon
  • to squeeze - to press together
  • blob - small amount
  • delicious - very tasty

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