Category: Basic Reading

The Hat and the Tum Tum Tree

One day Mr. Bear is walking outside in the park. Suddenly the wind blows his nice new hat to the top of the Tum Tum tree.

Katie's New School

Pa Purrkins is taking Katie kitten to school. It is her first day, and Katie wonders what school will be like. She feels worried and excited at the same time.

The Snowman

Granny Simpkin lived all by herself in a very busy town. Every day people went by her house on their way to work. But no one came to see her, and Granny Simpkin was lo...

The Good Idea

Three little mice called Hop, Skip and Jumpy were having a meeting one night. They were trying to think what to do about Big Ginger, the cat.

The Silly Billies

One morning Mrs. Goat says to her billy kids, “I want you to go to the shops for me.” Mrs. Goat writes down the things she wants them to buy.

The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse

One day, a Town Mouse went to visit his cousin in the country. The Country Mouse loved his town cousin and made him welcome.

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