Long Vowel I with Silent E

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  • Published: Monday, 02 May 2016
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Short Vowel Long Vowel
hid hide
kit kite
sit site
rid ride
fin fine
lit lite

Read words with long I

scroll the table horizontally to see more words

ice rise nine life like wide ripe time mile bribe bite prize live
nice wise line wife bike ride pipe dime pile describe white criticize dive
rice exercise mine knife hike hide wipe crime smile scribe kite   alive
mice   wine   strike side stripe lime Nile   polite   drive
dice   fine   Mike wide     while   unite   I've
price   vine     slide         invite    
lice   decline     bride         appetite    
vice   Caroline     glide              
slice         inside              
spice         decide              
twice         divide              
advice         outside              

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