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Intermediate Reading
Students are doing Intermediate English Reading with vocabulary lists and comprehension quizzes

Discover our free online short texts and stories developed for English Learners at the Low- to Upper-Intermediate levels. Each text and story are accompanied by a vocabulary list and linked to a reading comprehension quiz with answers to check students’ understanding.

Intermediate Vocabulary
Intermediate English Vocabulary for children and adult English Learners

Expand English Learners’ vocabulary knowledge through our free online Intermediate English vocabulary resources. Study differences between words with similar meanings (such as do and make, speak and talk, and others) and enjoy our fun pictionaries of Intermediate English words.

Intermediate Vocabulary Exercises
Girl is holding an Oxford Dictionary doing Intermediate English Vocabulary Exercises with answers

Try our free online Intermediate English vocabulary exercises with answers to practice different types of English words (synonyms, antonyms, etc.). English learners receive immediate feedback, while ESL and EFL teachers have an easy way to assess students’ progress.

Intermediate Grammar
Love to learn Intermediate English Grammar sign with simple explanations and examples

Intermediate English Grammar rules are explained with many examples in our free online resources. Topics include gerunds and infinitives, phrasal verbs, prepositions of travel and movement, verbs and tenses, and others. Each topic is linked to grammar quizzes with answers.

Intermediate Grammar Exercises
Yes, you can practice Intermediate English Grammar with our free online Exercises with answers

Browse through our free online collection of Intermediate English grammar exercises with answers. Test your knowledge of such grammar topics as English phrasal verbs, gerunds, infinitives, adjectives, etc. Great for learners of English as a second or foreign language.

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