Adjectives with Prepositions followed by Gerunds

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Adjective + Preposition + Gerund


accustomed to

I am accustomed to seeing this dog in the park every day.

afraid of

Like everybody else, I was afraid of getting old.

angry about

There’s no question he’s angry about being in jail.

ashamed of

Is it something we should be ashamed of showing my mom?

capable of

I know what Roger is capable of doing.

certain about

You’re absolutely certain about winning?

concerned with

They’re just concerned about getting the right clothes.

critical of

The director was critical of spending money on supplies.

discouraged from

I felt discouraged from participating in the study.

enthusiastic about

It’s clear he’s not enthusiastic about moving to Alabama.

excited about

We are excited about going to Hawaii for a vacation.

familiar with

Each student was familiar with doing this kind of research.

famous for

She became famous for singing in musicals.

fond of

He’s fond of saying that is has four full-time jobs.

glad about

Dad was glad about getting a new job so close to home.

good at

My friends are really good at playing baseball.

happy about

Children were happy about going to the Zoo.

interested in

Dad is interested in learning more about Jake’s new job.

keen on

Brian is keen on riding his bike by the lake.

known for

Alice was known for making up silly songs.

nervous about

Pete was really nervous about going to a new school.

perfect for

These shoes are perfect for hiking in the mountains.

proud of/about

Larry was proud of graduating from college.

responsible for

Do you know who is responsible for breaking the window?

sad about

We were very sad about leaving Miami.

successful in

I am usually successful in getting my plans to work out.

suitable for

This cabinet is suitable for storing old magazines.

tired of

We got tired of hearing the same story again and again.

tolerant of

Have we become more tolerant of lying?

upset about

We were all upset about losing the game.

used to

She’s used to sleeping with the window open.

useful for

Wiki is very useful for studying for the graduation exam.

worried about

We were worried about paying the bills.

in charge of

Frank was in charge of organizing the meeting.

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