Prepositions Used after Verbs

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Here are some English verbs that are followed by prepositions:

accuse smb of smth insist on
apologize (to smb) for smth live on (food, money)
apply to smb for smth long for
ask for/about object to
attend to occur to
beg for persist in
believe in prefer smb/smth to smb/smth
beware of prepare for
blame smb for smth punish smb for
charge smb with (an offense) quarrel with smb about
compare smth with refer to
comply with rely on
comform to remind smb of
consist of resort to
deal in succeed in
depend on suspect smb of smth
dream of think of/about
fight with smb for wait for
fine smb for warn smb of/about smth
hope for wish for


  • I don't believe in ghosts.
  • He was chardged with kidnapping a little boy.
  • They haven't complied with the regulations.
  • We lived on bread and water for two weeks.
  • It never occur to me to insure my house.
  • They persisted in defying the law.
  • When arguments failed he resorted to threats.

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