Prepositions Used with Adjectives and Participles

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These adjectives and Past Participles are followed by prepositions:

absorbed in

involved in

according to

keen on

accostomed to

liable for/to

afraid of

nervous of

anxious for/about

owing to

ashamed of

pleased with

aware of

prepared for

bad at/for

proud of

capable of

ready for

confident of

responsible for/to

due to/for

scared of

exposed to

sorry for/about

fit for

successful in

fond of

suspicious of

frightened of/at

terrified of

good at/for

tired of

interested in

used to


  • He was absorbed in his project.
  • She is scared of big dogs.
  • He is very bad at chess.
  • Mike is very keen on computers.
  • I am sorry for losing your book.
  • Swimming is very good for you.

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