The Good Idea

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Three little mice called Hop, Skip and Jumpy were having a meeting one night. They were trying to think what to do about Big Ginger, the cat.

“There is delicious cheese in the kitchen,” said Hop. “But we are afraid to go in.”

two mice“Big Ginger is always hunting at night,” said Skip.

“I wish we knew when she is about”, said Jumpy. “She walks so softly on her paws, we never hear her coming.”

“I have an idea,” said Hop. “We could put a bell on Big Ginger’s collar,” he said. “It would jingle whenever she walked, and we would hear her.”

“Then we could have cheese every night,” said Skip.

“And run before she catches us!” said Jumpy excitedly.

They all agreed it was a good idea.

“There’s just one thing… ” said Hop slowly. “Who will put the bell on Big Ginger’s collar?”

There was with a bell

“Well, I thought of a plan,” said Hop. “So I have done my part.”

“My eyesight is poor,” said Skip. “I wouldn’t be able to fix the bell on properly.”

“And I’m too small,” said Jumpy. “I couldn’t lift the bell to put it on her collar.”

So, since not one of those three mice was willing to put the bell on Big Ginger’s collar, they all ran back to their holes.

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