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  1. Three twigs twined tightly.

  2. Twelve twins twirled twelve twigs.

  3. A twister of twists once twisted a twist;

    A twist that he twisted was a three-twisted twist.

    If in twisting a twist one twist should untwist,

    The untwisted twist would untwist the twist.

  4. When a twister a-twisting will twist him a twist,

    For the twisting of his twist, he three twines doth intwist;

    But if one of the twined of the twist do untwist,

    The twined that untwisteth untwisteth the twist.


    Untwirling the twine that untwisteth between,

    He twirls, with his twister, the two in a twine;

    Then twice having twisted the twines of the twine,

    He twicheth the twice he had twined in twain.


    The twain that in twining before in the twine,

    As twines were untwisted he now doth untwine;

    Twist the twain inter-twisting a twine more between,

    He, twirling his twister, makes a twist of the twine.

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