Blind Man's Buff

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Language Practice: asking questions, short answers

Language Level: Basic

Age group: 5-10

Time: 15 minutes

Materials Needed:

  1. a scarf to blindfold "It"
  2. The game should be played in a spacious room without any obstacles, so that the blindfolded "It" does not trip over any objects.


  1. Students count out to identify "It".
  2. "It" blindfolds his/her eyes with the scarf. He/she starts looking for the "victim" by calling out, "Where are you?".
  3. Students move around the room, answering "I am here". They change their voices so that "It" could not recognize them.
  4. When "It" catches the "victim", he/she asks," Are you Tom?". The "victim" answers, "No, I am not", or "Yes, I am".
  5. If "It" identifies the "victim" correctly, the "victim" becomes "It" and the game starts over again.

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Blind Man's Buff

Posted in: Grammar Games
Great for practicing asking questions, short answers

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