A Guess Game

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Language Practice: asking questions, short answers, vocabulary

Language Level: Basic, Low-Intermediate

Age group: 6-20

Time: 10 min

Materials Needed:

  1. pictures or objects of the targeted vocabulary


  1. One player chooses a picture or an object from the target vocabulary category so that nobody else sees what he/she chose.
  2. Other players ask him/her questions "Is it an apple?", "Is it a pie?" until they guess the chosen picture/item. The person with the picture/item answers "No, it is not an apple", or "Yes, it is an apple".
  3. The player who guesses gets to choose the next picture/object.

This is a very simple game, but it provides students with practice of some basic structures and basic vocabulary.

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Posted in: Vocabulary Games
Great for practicing prepositions of place, asking questions, short answers

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