Feelings Words Poster/Album

Feelings Words Poster/Album

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Language Practice: Feelings words

Language Level: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Age group: 10 and older

Time: 20-30 minutes

With this fun activity, you and your students can create a class Poster or a Photo Album, which will help them to learn feelings words easily.

Materials Needed:

  1. a camera
  2. a photo album
  3. art supplies
  4. "Feelings Words" poster/worksheet


  1. Take pictures of students showing different emotions (sad, happy, bored, scared, excited, etc.).
  2. Arrange the pictures on a poster-board or in a photo album.
  3. Label the pictures with appropriate feeling words.


  1. Invite students to write a description (or a short story) of when/in what circumstances they could have such feelings.

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Posted in: Vocabulary Games
Great for practicing prepositions of place, asking questions, short answers

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