Good Morning, Ann!

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Language Practice: greetings, questions and short answers

Language Level: Basic, Low-Intermediate, Intermediate

Age group: 6-14

Time: 10 min


  1. "It" goes to the front of the class and turns his back to the rest of the students.
  2. Students (one at a time) greet "It" by saying, for example, "Good morning, Ann!"
  3. "It" has to guess who is greeting her/him and reply, "Good morning, Tom!".
  4. If "It" guesses the name of the greeting him/her student correctly, then that student becomes "It" and the game starts over again.


  1. This game can be modified for intermediate students. Instead of greetings, students can expand their conversations:

    • It is a nice day today, isn't it, Ann? - Yes, it is, Michael.
    • Have you done your homework, Ann? - Yes, I have, Tanya.
    • Dogs make good pets, don't they, Ann? - Yes, they do, Mario.

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