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Language Practice: prepositions of place, asking questions, short answers

Language Level: Basic, Low-Intermediate

Age group: 6-14

Time: 15 minutes

Materials Needed:

  1. a picture of a room (If you have one picture, it should be big enough for the class to see; if you don’t have a big picture, you should provide each student/pair of students with their own copy)


1. Students count out to choose “It”.

2. "It" decides where he/she is going to “hide” in the picture and writes down the location on a piece of paper.

3. Students read the rhyme that is usually used for this game in English-speaking countries:

Bushel of wheat, bushel of clover;
All not hid, can’t hide over.
All eyes open! Here I come.

4. Students start “looking” for the hidden “It” by asking him/her questions:

Are you under the table?
Are you behind the chair?
Are you in the desk?

"It" answers their questions: “No, I am not” or “Yes, I am”.

5. Student who guesses where “It” is hidden becomes “It” and the game starts over again.

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