Katie's New School

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KatiePa Purrkins is taking Katie kitten to school. It is her first day, and Katie wonders what school will be like. She feels worried and excited at the same time.

“I don’t feel well,” says Katie.

“I expect it’s the butterflies in your tummy,” says Pa.

Mrs. Tabby, the teacher, is waiting for Katie at the school door. She looks very friendly.

“Have a good time,” says Pa, and he kisses Katie good-bye.

“I want to go home!” cries Katie.

“Come on in!” says Mrs. Tabby.

When they get inside, everyone is hanging up their jackets.

“This is your peg,” says Mrs. Tabby. It has Katie’s name in big letters over the top, and a picture of an elephant. Katie hangs her jacket on her peg. She likes elephants. She likes Mrs. Tabby.

In the classroom, Katie sits next to a kitten called Tim. They paint pictures and build a house of bricks. Then they drink milk, play a dress-up game together, and listen to a story.

Pa Purrkins picks Katie up at going-home time.

“How was the school?” he asks.elephant

“I’ve got a friend called Tim,” says Katie.

“That’s nice,” says Pa.

“Look. I painted a picture,” says Katie.

“It’s a very good elephant,” says Pa. “Did you like school?”

“Yes,” says Katie. “I can’t wait until TOMORROW.”

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